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About the members of our charity

  • Patron: The Rt. Hon, the Lord Lingfield

    The Lord Lingfield, Kt, MEd, DLitt, DL is a distinguished educationalist who led the movement for school autonomy in Great Britain. He was for six years-in the 1980s-Director-General of St John Ambulance He is the Chairman also of the League of Mercy (a charity to encourage voluntary work in the field of caring for the sick and disabled). He is the Pro-Chancellor of Brunel University and in 2006 his appointment as Knight Principal (Chairman of the Knights‘ Council) was approved by Her Majesty the Queen.

  • Treasurer: Dr. Ross McKim MA PhD

    Dr Ross McKim is Principal and Artistic Director of the Rambert School of Ballet & Contemporary Dance. He has danced with The Royal Danish Ballet, The National Ballet of Canada and London Contemporary Dance Theatre as a principal dancer before performing for his own companies. In 1985, he was appointed Director of Rambert School and established Moving Visions as a research vehicle. He has taught for all the major London professional schools and many companies including Rambert Dance Company, London Contemporary Dance Theatre and Phoenix Dance Theatre.

    He has choreographed for contemporary dance companies (including London Contemporary Dance Theatre), ballet companies (including The National Ballet of Canada), opera (including English National Opera), theatre companies (including the Tyne and Wear Theatre Company) as well as schools, youth groups and puppets. He has an MA (Dance Studies; University of Surrey) and a PhD (Theology; University of Durham) and has written reviews, articles and three books.

  • Director & Principal: Tae Yong. Lee MA

    Grand Master Lee, 8th Dan, is the Founder of the Sang Moo Academy, and the first Grandmaster of Teuk Gong Moo Sool in Europe. An instructor at the prestigious Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance and graduate MA in Advanced Dance Performance with specialization in Ritual. He is a former instructor of the South Korean Special Forces, and has provided advanced training to the security detail of various heads of state.

    He has authored Korean works on Ki studies, and is a recognized acupuncturist and practitioner of Ki based therapy. He continued his study and practice in other martial arts disciplines including Hapkido, Kickboxing and Taekwondo.

     He was drill master for the Korean Special Forces. He then studied acupuncture and oriental philosophy under monk ‘Mook-Jeong’ after which he travelled to the U.K. via America. Master Lee opened Sungji Action School in Isleworth, London and was appointed UK Commissioner for the International TGMS Federation. In 2012 he established LIMA (London Institute of Martial Arts). He is also Senior Instructor at the ARNI Institute.

  • Chief Instructor: Grand Master Tae Hee Lee

    Seoul Institute of Arts, FD (Acting),

    Rambert School, University of Kent. MA

    TGMS 6th DAN, WTF Taekwondo 2nd DAN

    Professional Musical Actor in Korea (Fame, Jesus Christ Super star, Westside story, etc)

    Member of Korean National Musical Theater Company and Choreographer for performing arts in Korea

  • School Secretary: Dr. Omar Khan

    California State University, BA,

    Kings College, University of London. MA

    Royal Holloway, University of London. PhD and Lecturer

    TGMS 1st DAN, WTF Taekwondo 1st DAN,

  • Instructor: Nat Olaiya

    WTF Taekwondo 1st DAN, TAGB Taekwondo 2nd DAN

    Martial Arts Commission Coach Level II,

    Henley Management College MBA Oxford Brookes Beng,

    Business Consultant


The London Institute of Martial Arts (LIMA) is an educational charity founded for the purpose of establishing a validated undergraduate degree in Martial Arts Theory and Practice in conjunction with a UK university.

Education Trust Registration No.1148830


Telephone: 0208 569 9971



Address. 288-290 Worton Road, Isleworth, Middlesex, United Kingdom TW7 6EL