Message from our founder

Message from our Founder

Martial Arts are a vital source of well being, health, healing, diet and exercise, and spiritual development. Professionally, Martial Arts are employed by law enforcement personnel, armed forces personnel, security personnel, and individuals concerned with personal safety. Martial Arts also increasingly feature in creative industries such as Musicals, Performing arts, TV drama, and Film. There are numerous Martial Arts related sports, competitions and clubs which are available  regardless of age, sex or physical disability.


There are also a large number of people who want to study martial arts at higher education level, but can’t find a suitable course to enhance their knowledge, skills and earning potential. The BA (Hon) course package proposed presents a critical and physical exploration of the entire field of Martial Arts. The BA (Hons) Course includes training in numerous Martial Arts skills and techniques and traces the evolution and development of these techniques to demonstrate their derivation from the common problem of self-defense. The courses examines the roles of tradition, ritual and meaning beyond Martial Arts. They explore the scientifically derived applications of sports massage, physiotherapy and acupuncture, which can be used to prevent and reduce injuries and increase care of oneself and of others in competitive arenas. They explore martial arts specific strength and fitness training (grip and hand power development is an example). Students learn about other related professional fields such as professional security and bodyguard industry, special police skills, and an introduction to the entertainment industry (T.V., film & musical direction, acting). Students going on to take the research-based MA, will have the chance to deepen their knowledge in their specialist area under the expert guidance of an academic supervisor, as well as alongside postdoctoral staff and current PhD students.


LIMA is dedicated to helping all ages and genders to pursue m martial arts.

We offer a unique blend of advisory and consulting services, research, retainers, events, and offerings that can help you explore the possibilities and make informed plans and decisions along your journey.


We look forward to working with you. We hope everyone is successful in your way of life!


All the best,


Director & Principal







The London Institute of Martial Arts (LIMA) is an educational charity founded for the purpose of establishing a validated undergraduate degree in Martial Arts Theory and Practice in conjunction with a UK university.

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