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  • About our course

    Who offers the course?

    The course is offered by the University of Derby, College of Life and Natural Sciences. It is offered at the London Institute of Martial Arts. The Senior Course Leader is Charles Spring, Senior Lecturer in Sport at the University of Derby, College of Life and Natural Sciences. The course is accredited by the University of Derby.


    What is the course ?

    The course is entitled  "Sport Coaching and Development (Martial Arts)". It is a Professional Development course. It covers theoretical, physical, psychological, social, fiscal and organisational aspects of instruction and mentoring in sport, and in Martial Arts in particular.


    What will students receive on completion?

    Successful completion will result in a "Certificate in Professional Development: Sport Coaching and Development (Martial Arts)" from the University of Derby.


    What is its value?

    The certificate is worth 40 credits at level 5. In other words, it provides 40 credits which can count towards a B.A. in a related subject at any University in the UK. It equates to a year of B.A. studies.


    When will it begin?

    It will begin in November 2015, and run for a period of  6 months. It will require four separate full days of lecturing, participation in physical seminars, reflective learning and over 200 hours of self-directed learning. Self Directed Learning may be arranged through online mentoring, goal setting and support.


    What are the entry requirements?

    Students aged 18-21 will be required to present two A-levels , preferably including one in either Maths or English. Alternatively, a level 3 qualification such as a BTEC is acceptable. Mature students who do not posses recently completed qualifications must be able to demonstrate adequate professional or life experience and high proficiency in a chosen area of sport, either as a participant or through coaching and mentoring.


    What will it cost?

    The  cost is £1,950 per student per course. Details of payment terms are available from LIMA. The facilities of deferred payment, instalments and some financial scholarships are available.  Please contact LIMA for details.

  • Module information

    This module will enable the student to develop a knowledge and understanding of sports coaching specialising in a Martial Arts context. It enables the student to plan, conduct and evaluate coaching programmes. It also allows students to analyse scientific data and convert it into Martial Arts coaching sessions. Our theory into practice philosophy will enhance Martial Arts coaching knowledge and develop your vocational skills. Students will be engaged in the process of encouraging athlete potential (whatever the level of participation) and preparing athletes for competition. Additionally, this course will give an understanding of the growth and job opportunities in the sports and Martial Arts industry. The module will serve as a foundation for students who wish to undertake National Governing Body Coaching Awards or Sports Coaching related modules.

World-class Course

First course of its kind at University level, with some of world’s martial arts teachers as visiting lecturers to create a world-class teaching/ learning hub that will be seriously attractive to potential students



Enhancing public awareness of the multi-faceted nature of Martial Arts: e.g.. this course has a special emphasis on the theoretical analysis as well as the physical practice of the martial arts – Important: promotion of civilised values, respect , discipline.



We aim to steer students towards careers in the sectors shown (right)… the modules each can lead students towards different preferences/leanings, which they can then go on to explore in MSc




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