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In the United States the most recent statistic states that around 18 million Americans (of all ages) practice martial arts: which is about 5% of the population. Given a population (in 2011) of 62,641,000 in the UK, a comparable 5% is just over 3 million people currently practices martial arts. Even if that figure is more like 2 million and 2% of those want to take up a further or higher education course, that is still 40,000 individuals in the UK currently un-catered for, with more potential students resulting directly from any implementation.


Grandmaster Lee and his staff gained feedback over time from potential students that to make a further and higher educational course most relevant to them and their further employment needs… and to gain students quickly and consistently over time... they needed to offer a course which combined high performance technical martial arts, rehabilitation training and performing arts in its syllabus.







The London Institute of Martial Arts (LIMA) is an educational charity founded for the purpose of establishing a validated undergraduate degree in Martial Arts Theory and Practice in conjunction with a UK university.

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